About project

Period: November 2017

Client: Sparkel Beverages

Subject: Coconut Grove VR Island


Fairs can be extremely important to meet new potential partners, clients or customers. At the same time, fairs can be very big, crowded and repetitive to visit. As a company, it can be challenging to stand out and grab the attention of visitors. Luckily, VR is here to help out.

However, VR has been around on fairs for a few years now so a VR set alone is no longer going to cut it. For these type of events, we therefore need to make more spectacular installations by adding elements like smell, haptics, heat, wind etc. Sensiks has created a sensory reality pod just for that. In collaboration with Sensiks we have built a multisensory trip through a tropical island called “Coconut Island”, named after a coconut water drink by Sparkel.


The experience is a thrilling ride through the jungle. You’re being pushed to the edge of the cliff and skydive your way down the beach. Finally, you end up at the beach to relax in the heat of the sun and enjoy some Coconut Grove water.


  • Brainstorm with client on concept
  • Create and gather 3D models and animations for the experience
  • Bring all models and animations together in Unreal Engine (game engine)
  • Create a storyline and camera track
  • Render a 360 degree video from inside Unreal Engine
  • Add sounds effects and background music to enhance the experience
  • Record and add a voice-over to the video
  • Sensify the experience, matching smells, heat and wind with the virtual experience

Fun Facts

  • The total production was created in two weeks. We met on a Monday, the week after on Saturday was the event!
  • We couldn’t find the appropriate coconut dropping sound effects so we bought a coconut and recorded it ourselves.