About project

Period: January – June 2017

Client: ING

Subject: Virtual Job Interview Experience

Our Task Was

Hiring the right candidate is of crucial importance. ING operates in different countries and continents and therefore deals with many cultural differences within the organization. Despite these differences between countries, it is also important to create and communicate an organizational culture and communicate which already starts when hiring new colleagues.

ING asked us to create an engaging and fun VR experience to provide hiring managers with some guidelines on how to conduct a hiring interview while communicating the ING culture. In the VR training, we touch upon topics like structuring an interview, unconscious bias, and the ING competency framework.


  • Concept development: 4 different propositions
  • Gather the team: Actors, filmmakers, scriptwriter, director, makeup artist, sound technician
  • Write a script through several iterations
  • Rehearsal day involving the client, director, and all actors
  • 360-degree video shoot
  • Post production and CGI
  • Sound Design
  • Development VR web player
  • Design cardboard VR viewers
  • Distribution

Fun Facts

  • Distributed to nearly 7.000 hiring managers worldwide
  • Distributed to over 25 countries