About project

Period: February – April 2017

Client: XR Base / Paradiso

Subject: Paradiso AR Hackathon

Our Task Was

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Paradiso (pop venue in Amsterdam) in 2018, Paradiso requested XR Base to produce an augmented reality experience. To kickstart the project in an unconventional way we organized a hackathon (content jam) for XR Base and Paradiso to find inspiring augmented reality (AR) concepts that give expression to the special ambiance and experience of Paradiso. It was our task to organize the hackathon from start to finish. This was a voluntarily (non-profit) project.


  • Create a website
  • Promote the event
  • Gather and select participants
  • Host the event
  • Create an after movie

Fun Facts

  • First MR hackathon in The Netherlands (possibly Europe)
  • Over 30 participants
  • 5 Hololens teams
  • The blue team won the midnight laser tag competition