About project

Period: February – July 2016

Client: Yacht

Subject: VR Demo Space

Our Task Was

Yacht has a recurring event called “Food for Thought” where they pick a theme and invite speakers to inspire their colleagues. This time we decided to add an interactive elements to the event by adding a demo space. With an extensive network of VR developers and designers of installations we provided a demo space with around 15 different demo’s. The demo’s were centered around VR and IoT (Internet of Things). In addition to professional VR  installations we invited several student projects from the Eindhoven University of Technology as well as the University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam.


  • Pick a theme
  • Reach out to developers and  universities to find inspiring new demos that match the theme
  • Organisation, planning and communication in the build-up to the event
  • Host the event

Fun Facts

  • The main speaker was Greame Hackland, the CIO of the Williams F1 Racing team
  • A formula 1 car collects around 400GB of data every weekend